Artists for Peacs

Rethinking Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASparrow woke everyone up early so she could do her art installation.  The chicklets were happy to oblige but no one knew exactly how to spell peace.  They took a vote and decided that when they said it slowly, the word “peace,” definitely sounded like p e e c ssss, so the went ahead with using the s, instead of two c’s (no one even mentioned an e).  Meanwhile, Ricki said she is planning to work on a new dance routine…a dance for Peacs.  She is enlisting the help of several chicklets and a few teens.  Matthew is going to bake a Peacs cake, while Harry & Jennifer will start knitting Peacs socks tonight.  Vincent is in the first stages of getting his clay ready for a Peacs sculpture and Virginia is going to make new flower arrangements dedicated to the subject as well.  The hens are planning on telling…

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