Parable for the Short-sighted

Anglo-Saxon Celt Creates

There once was a king who had three beautiful daughters.  The first daughter was tall, dark-haired and witty.  She spent her time in the stables, laughing with the stable-hands, and riding around the king’s large garden on her favourite pony.  The second daughter was shorter, blonde and gentle.  She spent her time in the stables, grooming the ponies, and wandering around the garden watching the birds.  The third daughter was also tall and dark-haired, like the first, but quiet and studious.  She also happened to be short-sighted, and liked to spend her time with her nose in a book or lying in the garden watching the ants.

Now, the king was getting older and perhaps a little foolish.  He decided to test his daughters’ love for him.  They were summoned to his throne room to sit at his feet.  He told them that they must go into the garden and…

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