Peace Fest


Hopefully, this summer will be one to remember
peace fest, yeah I’m attending, hopefully it’ll be in august or september
peace fest hopefully can delete stress
hopefully it can ease this pest that sits on my back and rest
but I digress
peace fest hopefully will blind lies
and unwind evil ties
peace fest hopefully will legalize
maybe not, but it’s something u may soon realize
peace fest where real lies
in the same ground this city was founded, but we’re so bounded because no one tries
the sound of negativity surround us like subwoofers blasting about how someone dies
Chicago a city of wind and so many unfortunate mothers’ cries
see that’s why this peace fest is needed, to show that through art, a crumbled city can rise
c’mon, avert your ears and eyes
this concert and comfort your lives
so the next time u chill guys
make sure…

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