Day 192 In the Pursuit of Love (Mindfulness/Photography)

Life in the City with a Future


During the last year, I have discovered there is a significant difference between taking a picture of an object and photographing an object. When I take a picture, of let’s say a butterfly or moth, I just push the button on my camera and move on. When I take a photograph, however, it is as if for a moment we become partners. I have to prove that I will respect the other’s personal space. I dance around with the sun so that the shadows fall where I want them to be. I am aware of each blade of grass and how it sets the scene or interferes with Image8mothImage9redadmiralbutterflythe beautiful lines of my subject. I view my photography partner from many angles. My body duels between the peace of being amongst nature and the tension from the anticipation of what will the model do next. Will the butterfly or moth…

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