Day 199 In the Pursuit of Love (progress)

 “It is not strange…to mistake change for progress,” by Millard Fillmore.

Image1greatblueheronducksphotobomWhen my pics were photobombed recently it made me wonder — what has changed since I was a kid? I wondered this because when I was a kid we would make the peace sign over someone’s head while we were getting our picture taken BUT we didn’t have a name for it. Is giving the “messing up” of someone’s photo a name — is that progress?

As a kid we had lots of new and unique phrases like groovy and far-out but kids in each generation have unique phrases that their parents have no idea what they mean. Is this change or progress or neither?

When I was a kid I had not heard of a computer, CD, DVD, laptop, cell phone… now kids seem to be non-functional without them. When I was a kid we played outside until it was suppertime and then again until it was dark. With one TV and no ability to watch a show at a different time — you compromised and shared as a family. Now kids watch what they want, where they want, alone or with friends — on their mobile devices. Today, it is a beautiful summer day — there are no children outside. This is change but is it progress?

I wondered what is progress? Is progress replacing vinyl records with CDs? Replacing film in your camera with digital images? Holding an electronic device instead of feeling the pages of a book? After watching this video I think I have my answer. On the site: Artists 4 Peace. This video combined the Cat Steven’s song Peace Train (released in 1971) with peace quotes and images using the “new” technology of the internet. I have always loved this song. Not surprisingly it brings me great peace. This is progress to me because the original essence of the song was enhanced by the addition of the technological changes of today.

I think too often we make changes just for the sake of changes. We had the popular blue phone and now we have the popular red phone. This to me is not progress. If we want progress don’t we first have to figure out what our base level of existence is? If we place a high value on forests as our baseline then it can never be considered progress if we cut down those forests. If we place a high level on peace in the world then it can never be progress to declare war with a country over borders or religion or oil. If we place a high value on human health then it can never be considered progress if we allow our children to eat pesticide covered foods.

What do you consider progress? What is your non-negotiable baseline of existence? Would you ride the peace train?



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8 thoughts on “Day 199 In the Pursuit of Love (progress)

  1. Amen!! I do believe that change for the sake of change is not progress. It’s usually about greed, boredom or competition. Progress should involve evolving… humans and as a human race. Technology has become bigger than what it is used for and that is just plain scarey. My hope is that we will come full circle and realize (because of the damage we do) that it is the basics like love, peace, tolerance, and acceptance that hold the power for change. This would start with getting our kids outside to appreciate the world and living creatures. Empathy cannot be taught without eye contact and interaction.
    Great post! 🙂


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