Watercolor pencil

I can only think of one way to get rid of guns.  Because if people want them they will get them.  If people are asked to turn in their weapons some will, but the gang bangers and criminals will not…ever.  They believe they need their guns to survive and they do, because their “enemy” has guns.  The only possible way to get rid of guns is to promote peace.  If there is peace there is no need for guns.  If there are guns they must and will be used.  If we destroy all the guns and weapons in the world some one would make more.  So, we can promote peace but attitudes of hate and the violent society in which we live do not seem open to that kind of thing…peace, I mean.  Guns, like everything else, can’t really be controlled.  They just keep coming back again and again and we glorify guns in every movie, in every video game.  Guns are a way of life…and death.  They are not going away.  People, adults and children will just keep dying.

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