I want to write about what Peace means to me…what I think it IS.  But Peace is slippery…every thing I write leads to something else.  I keep deleting each paragraph, one after another.  I can’t catch the beginning or end of it.  Every time I think I have it, my mind says, “Yes, BUT…”  and I  begin again.  What I think is:

*  Peace is an attitude..a way we look at things

*  Peace is not one thing.  It’s made up of MANY things

*  People will never get along, but that doesn’t mean
that we can’t have Peace

*  Peace cannot be looked at in a PERSONAL way, if we are
to have it.  Peace needs to be looked at in a much larger way,
a global way, for the good of all.  It’s an issue of SURVIVAL,
not which country has the most power over people

*  We need to work together and see if the things we hate about
each other make sense…whether we were TAUGHT to hate
without ever questioning why.  We need to question and reevaluate
our individual and cultural beliefs

*  We do not have to believe or do what our government tells us to believe or
do.  Blind allegiance does not make any sense when it ends in war and death

*  We have to stop fighting among ourselves if we are to look at the
bigger picture.  I don’t know if this is possible

*  We must come together and decide, globally, what we think leads to
healthy and life affirming societies, IN SPITE of our differences.  Things
that lead to war and death, no matter the form, should be considered
non life affirming and eradicated.  No government should control resources
that have life or death consequences for its citizens.  Government officials
should make minimum wage and do their jobs because they are dedicated
to the well-being of the planet and those who live on it.  It’s the only way
to stop greed and power mongering.  People need to have a say in what
happens in their own countries.  A fantasy, I know

*   We MUST stop worshiping at the monuments of war.  We need new heroes
we need new stories, new pictures.   We need new history books that teach
Peace  NOT war.  It should be made perfectly clear to children that war is
a last resort, something bad, something that happens when all else fails.  We
need to teach that opposing teams are not enemies, just kids on different teams.
We TEACH division between kids and we call it team/school spirit.
We need to teach a different story…and we need to do it now, so that when
future generations grow up they will think about Peace and not about war.
We should be ashamed of war, not hold parades because of it.  Our “soldiers”
are people we LOVE.  People we want to live long and happy lives.  They
are our children, our lovers, or fathers and uncles, siblings and friends.   The
only way to stop sending people to war…is to STOP WAR.

*  Those in power, governments, fanatics, leaders and heads of state start wars, not the
general population.  The war mongers don’t suffer…ever…the people do

*  We must make Peace economically profitable.  EVERYTHING is about economics.
Everything.  War is about money.  There is no money in Peace.  We need to
think about that.  Think about the people who GAIN from war.  Think about
who pays for them to get rich.   Peace doesn’t NEED leaders or guns.  That
will hurt a lot of rich people, in their pockets.

*   We have to stop believing that we know what other people are thinking.  We
don’t actually KNOW what’s going on.  We are fed lies and propaganda so
that those running things can get what they want.  We need to be smarter.

*   We have to believe and want change.  We have to be willing to do something
to make things happen

*   I don’t know if  it’s possible to have Peace.  I don’t know if we are simply
the most violent species there ever was, at least so far, or if we are just
being programmed to be this way.  Other countries aren’t like America.
We dropped three slots on the World Peace Index and are near the bottom,
with Syria and one other country below us.  I believe we are 103 our of 105.
It seems that other countries do NOT teach violence, the way we do.  We need
to stop doing that.  Now.

I think violence is an addiction, just like everything else.  First we need
recognize it for what it is…then maybe we can help ourselves  find a
different way to live.  In America, violence seems to be a way of life.  I’m
an American.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life, I don’t want people to
keep dying, I don’t care what neighborhood they live in.  Kids need to
know Peace, because we all know that most of us become what we are
taught to be.   Wherever I go I am an American…it can never be removed
from who I am…I’ve never KNOWN anything else.  And that’s my point.
What are we teaching our kids

Hey, I’m just sayin’

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