Angers a Waste

The look in your eye

Anger’s painting your face

Your stance is strong, intimidating,

With a presence of disgrace.

You’re unhappy I see

There’s no use in pretending

It’s obvious to everyone

The vibes you are sending

Are of hatred and venom

They flow through your veins

You’re victim to this hostility

Body, spirit, soul and brain

Despite your poor mood

And the feelings you’ve spewed

I refuse to absorb it

It’s happiness I choose

To be happy is much lighter

Than it is to feel blue

It feels so much better

Than feeling the way that you do

Ignore all those feelings

Cast them aside

Your voice will allow us to

Hear what resides

In your head that is causing

Such tension and grief

Let it out through your words

So that it can no longer be thief

Of the happiness

You once possessed

You wore it so proudly

On a puffed up chest

Now this display

Of what once was a man

Is a poor excuse for a human

That belongs in the can

Full of venom and trash

Toxicity and worse yet

This show you are giving

Is one you’ll regret

We say things in the moment

We wish we could revoke

We do things in spite

Later wishing to joke

The damage is done

You can’t take back the stone

While I’m moving forward

Negativity seeps through your bones

Stay angry and bitter

It’s your choice you know

But at the end of the day

You reap what you sow

Don’t cry of your karma

It is your recourse

For holding onto this anger

Feeling absolutely no remorse

If the day ever comes

Where you learn to be grateful

Perhaps you can teach

Someone else who is hateful

To appreciate the here and now

All the gifts you that you possess

For one day they will be all gone

And you’ll be left with emptiness

Anger and hatred

Are such a waste

Of your precious time

And of my precious space

So rid them of your mind

Seek peace for today

You can’t do it alone

So for you, I will stay

Anyone else filled with venom

Should heed this advice

We’re only given one shot

So let’s make sure it’s done right

Ignore all the demons

Consuming your bliss

Throw them to the wind

And choose happiness

You’ll be rewarded

When you learn to be grateful

But punished the same

If you remain hateful

Be happy today

And each day that follows

Life is a gift but

It may also swallow

The ones who don’t care

Who are filled with hate

The ones who are angry

And don’t wish to create

A peaceful lifestyle

Where love is abound

Those with such rage

Sink right to the ground

They waste their lives

Swimming in shame

With no one to love

And no one to blame

Submitted by Kate of FlippyZipFlop

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