by hitandrun1964


I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t make piggy noise when hearing the words, Funnel Cake.  A kind of wondrous look spreads across their faces, as they stop paying attention to the moment, while their minds takes them back to the last delightful and delicious moments when they were eating Funnel Cake.  Because of this phenomenon  I think we can solve some of the world’s problems by distributing Funnel Cakes and having a Funnel Cake Day of Peace.  People who are in the presence of FC’s have no desire to fight…they are entirely wrapped up in the fried, doughy, powdered sugar delight that is on their plate, paper or otherwise.  They are busy sighing, closing their eyes and wiping thick sprinkles of powder sugar off of their clothing.  Smiles sprout up and misery and hatred are no longer in the eyes of those who are indulging in this sweet and yummy treat.  I am in no way making light of the problems blanketing the world.  I am saying that we can all agree that FC is fantastic and that’s a beginning.  Finding a point to begin can be the start of something wonderful.  You can’t be angry while eating FC.  It’s just not possible.  Listen to the noises of happiness that people are making while stuffing their mouths with hunks of this amazing food product.  They NEVER sound upset or furious.  What you will hear is a lullaby of PEACE.  People line up for FC.  When I was in Evanston and a HUGE storm suddenly showed itself, not one person in line said anything but, “THAT better wait until I get my FC.”  No one ran for cover.  No one moved.  FC is just THAT good, it’s THAT important.  So one day a year, all the fighting should stop…ALL violence should cease…and it should be a day of celebrating the wonders of FC.


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