I’m for Peace


I’m for peace because war hurts everyone and every thing.  It destroys the people we LOVE.  It is my believe that no war should be able to take place until mothers from every single nation meet and decide what to do about any and all disputes.  I do not believe that men and people in power should have the right to start war.  War should be left up to women.  It seems only right.  The only questions we should ask is…”what is worth the life of my child, the life of those I love?  What is the reason I am asked to sacrifice the minds and bodies of those I love?  Who is asking this of me and why?  What are the warmongers getting in exchange for the life of my child and loved ones?  Women, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, lovers, need to be in charge of war.  Those are the people who need to answer these questions…women across the globe need to come together and decide, once and for all, NO MORE WAR.  You can NOT have our children…those we love.  NO!

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4 thoughts on “I’m for Peace

  1. I agree with you 200% and have been saying something similar for a long, long time. Amen to this. The end of these wars started by men and suffered by women, children, and other life forms on this planet. For what end? If women were in charge of the world, we would see far less suffering for all of us, men included.


    • Can’t argue with that. We have never had a chance to find out. Our power and lives have been controlled and crushed by patriarchy from the beginning. I think that the powerful males in charge believe that women would treat them the way they treat us. They are afraid that if we were in power would take away their rights, force them into poverty, never allow them to make a decent wage, write laws that would only protect females, take away their voice…well, you know what I mean. And who wants to live like that?


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