Day 211 In the Pursuit of Love (Transforming the Past)

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of having fun. I’ve also written (often) about coming to grips and releasing the past. So I thought I would make peace with my past fears by combining something that caused me some bit of angst when I was 15 with something that gives me great joy today. When I was in tenth grade English, I really, Really, REALLY, REALLY didn’t like anyone reading stuff that I had written. I had to write a poem or get an F and so I did — write a poem that is. Somehow this poem (my very first poem in fact) that only my teacher was supposed to read — ended up in some local student publication called The Nomad. Probably only ten people bought the thing for a whole dollar but still I didn’t like people reading my stuff. And so today, I would like to take something that caused me such angst and make peace with it. I don’t think you can normally just decide your okay with what upset you in the past. I really think one needs to transform it into something new. So today, I am going to embrace the angst of my teen years and have fun combining my nearly 40-year-old poem with my current passion. Please enjoy my visual interpretation of The Awakening.

The Awakening

Heaven released a warm and gentle breath,


slowly awakening the sleeping earth


washing away the white, lonely barrenness.


The sun smiled


beckoning the life from its deathlike sleep.

One misty morning it arrived


like the procession of a highly honored king.

Blue Jays




Cardinals, all announced the arrival


by a rainbow-like display of vivid colors in the sky.






Jonquils, spray up from the oozing earth

to give their salute as they waved in the breeze.








and tumbling in the downy grass.


The children sang their welcome

for all who could hear.


Life has sprung from the awakening of life,

healing the deep scars of winter past.

I hope you enjoyed the peaceful transformation of my angst. I will confess I’m not great at flower identification, and I believe I have two daffodils and no Jonquil, but that is another thing I’ve made peace with in my life, I don’t have to be a perfectionist. What turmoil from your past have you peacefully transformed into something you love or had fun with? And most importantly, how did you do it so everyone can give it a try?



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2 thoughts on “Day 211 In the Pursuit of Love (Transforming the Past)

  1. Their mother was killed so I didn’t think they would make it — they were so tiny. But a few weeks ago, I was at the lake and they came swimming out from the weeds strapping “teenagers” now. ❤


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