Are You Looking the Right Way?



Here we are, in the depths of winter. The snow is falling and at least half of the country is frozen solid.  So I ask this question: how are you doing?

We are all roughly in the same boat.  We experience similar things over the course of a lifetime.  No one is exempt from hardship, sickness, or struggle.  Yet some of us flourish, while others spiral into depression. What is the secret?


I found myself in a strange position yesterday. I found myself bathed in a peaceful euphoria.  No matter what happened or what I did, I felt good. Naturally, being a curious person, I wondered what had changed.  Surely, I thought, I there must be something in my life that helped me feel this way – and there was. The answer is so ridiculously simple: lately I had begun doing a lot more things for other people. I was giving, not receiving.

Why Does This Work?

The answer to this, too, is simple. When we feel bad, we think about ourselves and the emotions that run through our hearts and minds.  We think of what we need, and what we would like to happen.  This is our ego controlling us.  The ego is “self” and when we are self-centered, we are not thinking thoughts of love.  Does the word “selfish” ring a bell?

As soon as we draw our focus to others, we change our lives. And the more we center our thoughts around love – helping others, doing for others, improving the lives of others – we build our life upon the light that it brings to the world.


It has been said that the greatest gift is to give, not to receive. This is completely true in every sense of the word. How many people have you touched?  How many lives have you improved? How many smiles did you put upon the faces of others?

Think about how you felt when you did this.  Wasn’t it the best feeling that you ever had?


My thought for today is this: bring love into your equation.  Make it the center of all that you do. If you do, you will be amazed at how things change: the people around you, the world, and even yourself. Share your love.

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