“Slowly – But It Can Spread . . . ”

We all would prefer peace,
That’s a general fact.
And yet there isn’t one of us
Who wouldn’t fight back
If we or a loved one was
Physically attacked –
To the point of death
We would react.

For those moments in time
Peace would not be on our mind.
Take that to the scale of nations
And bloody war is what you find.

So then it becomes a question,
“How do we stop the predatory urge?”
How do we end aggression among a species
Where the ego will leap and surge?

We can’t force another to change,
A rarity even to alter how they think,
So it remains to our own selves
To keep peace in our hearts and hope
Some collective consciousness makes a link,
That somehow our example
Can pull the world from the brink.

It is a monumental task on a planet
Where some have, and others are determined to take.
But peace is worth the effort and the time
To see if there is a difference we can make.


Rising Hawk

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