“Make It Stop . . . “


Not even a mile from my home,
Three kids killed – total five dead,
Murder-suicide it’s said.
Sheer madness,
We’re out-of-our heads,
People getting angrier
Every day,
Not much else to say.
Emotional tools absent,
Too proud to ask for help,
So he put bullets into everyone,
Finishing with himself.
Ignorance sets us up
And pride pulls the trigger,
If we don’t teach a different way
The tragedies will just get bigger.
Peace . . .



Rising hawk

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2 thoughts on ““Make It Stop . . . “

  1. We lose a lot of kids in drive-bys (gang related) around here…innocent by-standers as well. In a lot of gangs you have to kill e stranger as an initiation rite. I don’t know if Chicago gangs do that but you have to wonder what’s wrong with us.


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