50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#22

  • “Friends do not always reveal themselves.”

    I am still hanging on to the theory that we were put on this earth to share with others. Whether it be our time, our possessions, our abilities, our talents, our compassion, our stories…whatever we have to give, I think we are supposed to give.  When doing so, sometimes we are blessed with interactions that lead to friendships.

    Friendships are gifts. The problem is that sometimes they are hard to identify. If only they came in neat little packages tied up with a bow…with a little tag that says, “Really, I’m your friend..for real.”  Between reading social cues, dealing with your own personal insecurities and the fear of forming assumptions, it can become complicated…at least it has been for me. Maybe I’m just a freak so unique that I have trouble with this. I am a very open person. This could hinder the process of some potential friendships. I probably scare the hell out of people. Would I change this about me? Absolutely not.

    So what have I learned about friendships?

    I’ve learned that often I am afraid to call them that.

    I know what I think a friendship should be.

    My eclectic personality requires a wide variety of friends.

    I’ve learned that the more time someone gives me, the more I feel they are truly my friend.

    Although I do not fear rejection (because I am secure with who I am), I get frustrated when I can’t determine the intentions of others. I am not sure if this is a problem on my part or theirs.

    For the most part, I think I am a good friend.

    I treasure the friendships I have.

    A friend can come in any size, race, age, occupation, social background, education, etc.

    Openness is key to me.

    Your spouse can be your best friend.

    Anything pretentious, materialistic or superficial does not interest me.  My relationships need to be deeper.

    I have learned that even at my age, I still have lots to learn about establishing friendships.

    In my opinion…

    A good friend truly cares about you, would do almost anything in the world for you, listens to you, advises you, confides in you, laughs with you and cries with you.

    A good friend is someone who doesn’t care what you look like, accepts all of your faults, your mistakes and never gives up on you.

    A good friend has no ulterior motives for being your friend.

    A good friend considers the reasons you have become who you are.

    A good friend sees your positive traits and enjoys them in the moment.

    A good friend has time for you.

    A good friend would sincerely miss you if you were gone.


4 thoughts on “50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#22

  1. I love that you are true to yourself. If we change from meeting someone else, I feel it should be an organic process that grows naturally from the relationship. If it is a “change or else” situation — that to me is not friendship. ❤

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