She was the ocean and every drop of water in every lake, stream, pond and puddle lived inside of her.   Her very heart, beat in time to the movement of the waves.  The tide rocked her to sleep at night and woke her in the morning.  She did her best to protect the life forms who made their homes in the oceans and lakes, but it was becoming more and more difficult.  Humans were poisoning the waters, using them as a dumping place for their garbage and waste, hunting living beings in their own homes. She was furious and her control was slipping.  She had already taken quite a few ships, mainly whale killers, but others as well.   The water beings had nowhere to go and the humans simply would not stop.  She had to do something and she had to do it  soon, before the oceans died.  Her despair and rage pushed her forward but once her ideas formed into a plan, she smiled, her fists opened, and  she gathering her courage around her like a suit of armor, and dove into the murky depths.

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