Today is…


Today is our 2nd Monthly scheduled post!  Artists 4 Peace Living in Harmony with Nature 🙂  Thank you to all for your wonderful submissions.

Expect your readers to be full!  We will be posting every 30 minutes 🙂 starting at 6 AM EST till midnight!

There is much to see and read and enjoy so with that in mind we will not be posting any other daily posts for a few days to give you a chance to enjoy them all.  Oh and feel free to reblog any of today’s posts 🙂



Don’t forget to send in your submissions for October.  I have only gotten a couple!


Artists 4 Peace  Against Violence

Submission Deadline October 1st
Selected Entries will be posted October 15th

Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to for consideration!

Personal Note from Melanie:

I’m getting married in 2 days (Sept 17th) and will not be online or on email for awhile as we are going on a little honeymoon/road trip adventure.  Yay! 🙂

Keep emailing in your general submissions and monthly topic submissions but please know I will be a little while getting back to you.:)

It is my hope to have a full inbox at when I return! So flood me with poetry and artwork!



Time to announce the next topic so you can start thinking and preparing :).  November seems the perfect time to dwell in kindness and gratitude.  In fact, November 13th is World Kindness Day. So we will embrace that and add Art to the mix of course 🙂



Artists 4 Peace Random Acts of Art and Kindness

Submission Deadline November 1st
Selected Entries will be posted November 15th


Thank you!


Gigi and Melanie


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