“Time or outcome should not be the focal points of spiritual effort. The effort occupies the moment and all outcomes are a causal product of that moment. An individual can only focus on what she or he is responsible to deliver in each moment. Are his or her efforts a continuum of chaotic influences within Creation, or do the efforts contribute to Peace?

To evolve spiritually is a process of continuous inner examination. The individual engages the process of self-observations and is confronted with the predicament of her or his own interactions of opposing conduct (in thoughts, emotions, and actions). Meaning, the individual becomes intimately conscious of her or his contributions to the disharmony within the flow of energy that connects the Human Species. The intensity of that intimacy of awareness will give birth to a powerful desire to transcend the tendency for opposing conducts. The individual will exercise a choice to become a force of unconditional love. The individual force of unconditional love, multiplied by the Human Species, is called Peace.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011


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