Day 260 In the Pursuit of Love (Against Violence)

A few months ago, a couple of wonderful bloggers decided to start a blog dedicated to the expression of peace through art. To me peace and love are symbiotic. Besides daily posts, they accept posts for a special category that are all blogged on the 15th of the month. Artists4Peace chose Friendship for August and Living in Harmony with Nature for September — in my opinion — easy topics to showcase my writing and photographic art. The upcoming category — Against Violence — I am having a bit of a tussle with.

I really wanted to submit a post for each month. I feel VERY strongly that this blog can change the world. At first, I was just going to change the topic — but then I realized I would be just running from the issue. So these are the reasons I feel that I would be out of alignment if I wrote a post — Against Violence — since for many reasons, I feel it is more important to speak of what I am for — which is peace.

Knowing what you are AGAINST is not knowing what you are FOR.

If I say, I am against pickles. I am left with the question — WHAT AM I FOR?

WHAT am I actually against?

You might say, That is easy. Obviously, I am against war and genocide and rape and assault…

But I am personally “assaulted” whenever I leave my home and if the wind is blowing just right inside as well. With MCS — if someone is doing laundry with scented soap — this is an assault on my body. When someone walks by me wearing perfume — this is an act of violence against me. I can’t breathe just as if I had been choked. My body hurts as if I had been hit repeatedly. My head hurts and I am dizzy as if I had been punched in the head.

If you say, I am AGAINST violence — will you stop wearing “fragrances” of any kind?

Are you only against physical violence?

Do you consider calling someone a jerk an act of violence? Is it still violence if they weren’t there to hear it?

I stood in a doorway — unnoticed by a person speaking — and heard myself referred to as a Nazi. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

Gossip causes pain — so is that violence as well?

Wars start by two sides disagreeing on an issue resulting in a power struggle. Isn’t gossip a form of war? If you tell me all the nasties that a co-worker did — what now? If I agree with what you said and then spread my form of the truth to more and more people now we have formed an army against this co-worker who may be the nicest person in the world.

Will you stop the violence against yourself?

There is a reason the saying “Don’t BEAT yourself up about that,” includes the word “BEAT”.

Some people physically abuse themselves with drugs and cutting and eating disorders. Most people endure verbal abuse on a daily basis. NOT from a friend or lover but from OURSELVES. How many horrible thoughts do you have about yourself in a day?

I’m stupid. I’m fat. No one will ever love me. I wish I could be talented like….


The Law of Attraction is a law of the universe the same as gravity or centripetal force — not to be confused with the spiritual Law of Manifesting. Basically stated whatever you focus your thoughts and emotions on — you will attract to yourself. Here is the kicker…the word not or against has no meaning when applying this law. Take a thought and pull out the subject of that thought — THAT — is what you are attracting to yourself.

In the sentence, I am against violence of all types — what I am really focusing and attracting to myself is the subject of the sentence — which would be — VIOLENCE OF ALL TYPES.

So Now What? 

Knowing what you DON’T want is a place to start. But it is just that — a starting line. It is not an action. If you are going to run a race and you stay at the starting line — you have taken no action and you have certainly lost the race.

If you truly are against violence the next thought needs, in my opinion, to be SO NOW WHAT? Now that you know “fragrances” assault others — are you going to stop? You know that gossip hurts when it is about you — are you going to stop gossiping about others? Are you going to find peace in yourself so that your anger at yourself does not encourage the loss of peace in someone else.

What does the sentence, I’m against violence mean to you? Do you think going to an anti-war rally is the same thing as going to a pro-peace rally?



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6 thoughts on “Day 260 In the Pursuit of Love (Against Violence)

  1. Thanks, what a thought provoking blog, I know how harmful gossip can be , and as I Baha’i try not to talk behind others back, as it says not to do this in the Baha’i holy books. I never though about violence against ones self, but am sure this is right, and it is so easily done. I will try and improve here. I tried to go onto Colleens blog to thank her and answer, but can’t get through on the link provided. Best wishes and many blessings Charles.

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  2. I don’t think what you are asking for is possible. I’m a vegetarian, my family is vegetarian. We do not eat animals, wear them, or use things that have animal products in them. We are activists. People are not willing to never eat animals, or wear them on their feet, or have their skin on their furniture, or car seats, because I don’t like it. Personal choice. My tiny cousin is allergic to peanuts. Should they stop selling them or putting them into coffee cakes? It can’t be done. We all have things that bother us and we can’t possibly accommodate the needs or desires of others into our lives. I detest hunting. Murdering helpless animals with guns. I detest Thanksgiving, where mass slaughter takes place and turkeys die by the millions…no one is going to stop eating them for me. My kids were allergic to so many things, they were in the hospital…I couldn’t ask other people to change their lives for my kids. It’s impossible. People enjoy wearing perfume, eating animals, wearing leather. They don’t really care what others think. We wouldn’t be able to do function, if we had to worry about what everyone else wanted. It’s not violence to wear perfume. I don’t wear it, I cough and choke when I walk through a make-up department or candle shop but that’s life. People feel beautiful when they wear it. People like to eat tortured, dead animals even though I can’t stand it. That’s what freedom is. Freedom of choice, to choose to do as you wish. So even if some of us don’t like what’s happening, or get sick from what’s happening…people have the right to do it…and they will. There is no way that’s going to change.

    I think we need both antiwar and peace rallies. They serve different purposes. Peace can be for anything…war is specific to an event. I’ve been in peaceful demonstrations that have nothing to do with war. War is war…you’re either for it or against it, when you are demonstrating. It’s the same way with any demonstration…you have to be specific. Anti just means against. I am against war, not for it. There’s no other way to say it. You can march for peace in an antiwar demonstration it’s an antiwar demonstration. Anytime your march/demonstration is about war, your are for or against it.


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