Okay so…

I’ve been thinking about the weekend shootings in Chicago. People get shot in Chicago. People get upset when there are shootings or stabbings or murders. Justifiably so. It’s a horrible and unacceptable occurrence. It’s wrong and no one should have to live under those conditions.

However, women are raped, beaten and murdered EVERY SINGLE DAY. A woman is raped approximately every 2 minutes…beaten as often. Women are tortured, kidnapped, and murdered everyday. So, a few people getting shot over a weekend and a couple of people dying doesn’t seem like such a terrible statistic. The people in charge of the statistics say that rape is mostly unreported. So these stats are just the tip of the iceberg.

If we had a wall for beaten, raped, abused women, like the one for Viet Nam vets, sculptors would have to work on it 24 hours a day and it would never end.

Yes, I’m jaded. Yes, I’m sick of women living in a war zone every minute of their lives, from the moment they are born.

You may think you don’t know anyone who has been raped or who has been, or is currently being beaten. More than likely you are wrong. Women don’t talk about it. They don’t tell. I was at dinner with friends. We were talking about this and one of the guys said that I was crazy because if one out of three women were being beaten then someone at our table was being abused. It was his sister. She just sat there. So did her husband, the man who was beating her and causing her to run outside in the middle of the night with their kids and drive to the police station. The guy who cut up her clothes and put them in the sink, the guy who wouldn’t let her out of the garage so she could go to work. The women knew. Her brother did not.

The judge asked those of us who were being screened for jury duty if we had been raped or if any of us, men included, knew of a women who had been raped. Every single person raised their hand. She went through the crowd asking who. Most people answered with multiple names. She never asked the men if they had raped anyone. I guess that was a touchy subject.

So in the scheme of things, a few people getting shot would only last about 1/2 hour compared to women being violated every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day. Girls who are raped sometimes kill themselves. Nothing happens to the boys. They live. Women are blamed for what happens to them. At least when people get shot, it’s more of a random thing and usually not based on gender. The shooters are having fun, hunting or getting into a gang. Women are prey…we’re always being hunted. Older women are raped in cemeteries, cleaning women in churches. No place to hide, no place to run, no place that’s safe. The jury was for a woman who had been raped in a public bathroom, in one of the buildings downtown. The case was actually about whether or not the people who owned the building were responsible. We could put guards everywhere but sometimes the guards are the people we have to watch out for. Bathrooms are dangerous places. There was a teacher in one of our high schools who molested the mentally challenged kids. When people started to notice, they transferred him to a different school. Just like the priests being transferred to a different parish.

Newborns are brought to ERs torn up because males try to have sex with them. Some have STDs in their mouth. So…a few people getting shot…yeah, it’s too bad. But we have much bigger problems that the population and people in power don’t seem to care about. EVER. More girls commit suicide from rape than the number of people who got shot this weekend.

People don’t like to think about this stuff. So they don’t. Some pedophiles are released from jail and grab a kid right away. Many of the people on blogs have been abused, boys and girls. There is no excuse. None. I could tell you story after horrible story but a lot of people just don’t want to believe things are this bad…but they are. Terrified women huddle in shelters with their kids, worried that the guy will find them or go after their parents or friends if they can’t. Hard to ignore this stuff, once you know about it. It kind of amazes me that this isn’t on the news EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Oh wait, yeah, a lot of the people who are watching the news would be on it, if anyone actually cared.

I am not an organ donor. When a young girl killed herself, after being raped and the boy bragged about it on the internet, I thought, what if I had kept that horrible kid alive with one of my organs? What if a violent male gets to see or live, because of me? I can’t do it. It goes for violent women as well. I can’t take that chance. So I have a note stuck to my drivers license saying, NOT AN ORGAN DONOR. The girl was beautiful and so very young. The boy is probably living his life and not even thinking about what he did. One of the guys who tried to rape my daughter, told one of her friends that he didn’t remember doing it, when she asked him about it. So that’s nice…FOR HIM. We all remember it. We remember when my husband and son when to the house of each of the 4 boys who held our daughter down and tore her clothes and crawled on top of her and told the boys, and their mothers, that if they looked at our daughter again, or said a single word to her, they would kill them. The mothers were hysterical, sobbing. The boys left her alone after that. She went to school with those kids. They were eating lunch together at the little place across from the school. She fought them off and got away but we remember, even if the boys don’t. And yes, we did go to the police. They told us to have our son bet the kids up. So we took Tae Kwon Do classes and the Master taught her how to kill the next person who tried anything. We live in a very good neighborhood. The boys were her friends. Apparently they forgot that as well.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


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6 thoughts on “Okay so…

  1. I worked in a school where terrified mothers would sometimes hide out in our sick bay so their abusive partners couldn’t find them… We can’t ignore what is happening.


    • One of the biggest problems is that the laws are written, handed down and enforced by males. Orders of Protections don’t stop fists, knives or bullets. It’s a difficult situation because of the unequal distribution of power…women don’t have any. How awful is it when mothers are hiding in schools. What kind of a life is that for the women and their children? Horrible. Truly horrible. Thank you for this informative comment.


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