Thank you all


The 15th was our 3rd Monthly scheduled post!  Artists 4 Peace Against Violence

Thank you to all for your wonderful submissions.

I hope you had a chance to read/view them all…if not, I encourage you to go back and take a look.



Don’t forget to send in your submissions for November!


Artists 4 Peace Random Acts of Art and Kindness

Submission Deadline November 1st
Selected Entries will be posted November 15th


Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to for consideration!

Personal Note from Melanie:

Sorry I’ve been absent from comments and slow to reply to emails.  I am out of town for a bit longer.

Keep emailing in your general submissions and monthly topic submissions but please know I will be a little while getting back to you.:)

Fill up my inbox at for my return!



Time to announce the next topic!!


Artists 4 Peace  Celebrations of Peace

We are looking for art. photography, essays, poetry…anything at all that focuses on love, peace and joy in celebrations.  Think Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings…

Submission Deadline December 1st
Selected Entries will be posted December 15th



Thank you!


Gigi and Melanie


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