Get a Gun


“The global model
Semi-automatic rifles
Any gun will do

Enlightened by 7.62
Humanity pulse weakens
Empty consciousness

Embrace the moment
Adult worthiness declines
Communal virus spreading

Children lock and load
But no pole dancing allowed
Can’t send wrong message

Donations needed
No children without a gun
NRA for the details

Full auto preferred
Must be a fashion statement
Gun sellers no qualms

Elementary truth
Cause and effect has sure aim
Verdict a bulls-eye

The adult moments
A self-deception playground
Reality check”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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2 thoughts on “Get a Gun

  1. The gun culture in the U.S. is SO different than it is in Canada, which I am so thankful for. This “because I can” answer to bearing arms is laughable to me….and what a vicious circle that is created….needing guns to protect oneself from others who have guns. It is definitely not a statement of humanity, resolution or peace to place guns on such a pedestal.

    Insightful piece. Hope my interpretation is not too inaccurate. 🙂


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