A Soldier… to the advocate of war

Anti war sign

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To go along with the above picture… Being a writer, I know within my heart that there are some things that I just can’t sit back and remain silent about.  As those of you who have honored me with your visits, likes, follows and comments since my first post know,,,  there are many subjects that I have been unable to remain silent about. Tonight’s subject matter is certainly no exception.  Besides… isn’t that what blogging is all about???

If you don’t want to suffer through my rant about war… then skip over it and read the poem…

Either way… please read the poem.

There are truths in the poem… My rant?….. An opinion.  Comments about either are welcome.

Today is my day to confess that I am an anti-war advocate.  Oh… I don’t mean that I wish there were no wars… I mean that I am seriously ANTI-war.  If this were the sixties or early seventies, I would be out amongst the masses proudly lifting my peace sign as high into the air as I could possibly reach.  It seems that my lifetime in this plane of existence has been polluted with perpetual war.  War hurts my soulKilling of another human being hurts my soul.  We never really complete one conflict before diving head first into another.   I could easily write a ten thousand word dissertation of my feelings about war, including all the supposed little things surrounding war, like killing suspected terrorists with missiles shot from drones without concern about the innocent children or adults alongside them.  Since when did America start killing “suspected” criminals without the right to a trial?  When did America start incarcerating suspected criminals without the right to a trial or even the right to consult with an attorney… or… excuse me… without even the right to notify those who love that suspected criminal of their whereabouts?  And torture???  Really???

I thought these were the things that Americans and America stood up against.

Killing only strengthens the enemy… or as we have seen most recently… Killing only creates new enemies that never existed before the killing began.

Okay… I’m done…

Enjoy the poetry from a soldier… written to an advocate of war.  It could be a senator or a representative that thinks that war is the answer… It could be an entire network of news media that eagerly offers hours upon hours of air time to those very same advocates of war, helping to beat the drums as loudly as they possibly can in their never ending promotion of war… It could be those who profit so well from war.  My list would continue into infinity… but if I don’t stop now… I’ll end up with that ten thousand word dissertation on “Why America should NOT indulge itself in war.,”  and my followers will find something else of interest to read instead of my poetry… but then… apathy toward what our own country, that we try to love so dearly, is doing militarily and secretly… is in fact a large part of the problem.

Okay… now I’m done.

Sorry for the length of my rant… not sorry for its content!

Please… be an advocate of PEACE!!!


“A Soldier”
(To the advocate of war)
How could you just stand there
Scrolling through your list of names
While I stood right before you
Engulfed in breathless flames
I remember in my weakness
When you led me to the slaughter
The time you stood upon the shore
While I slid beneath the water
You’d think that somewhere down the line
I’d learn my lesson well
But I just stood there by your side
While you led me into hell
I obeyed your every spoken word
As I slithered through the mud
While you just sat upon your throne
And spilled my brothers blood
I killed for you, in the name of oil
Just as you commanded
Wiped out half a quiet village
Not so single-handed
You seemed displeased at the end result
And returned me to the fire
I wonder what you want from me
If I may so inquire
Now I’m home among my folks
Missing both my arms
It’s proving somewhat difficult
To bail hay on the farm
You tell me that my brain’s just fine
PTSD and all
But every time I hear a noise
I hunker down and crawl
I was there when you called my name
But you’re not there for me
Now you look the other way
While I’m drowning in the sea
You’d think that somewhere down the line
I’d learn my lesson well
But I just stand there by your side
While you lead me into hell


Have a very peaceful weekend…


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2 thoughts on “A Soldier… to the advocate of war

  1. Wonderful words. If it was still the 60s I’d be walking next to you. My peace sign held high. I’m still willing to march (I’m a life long activist), but I think I’d be marching alone. Times are different now


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