December 15th~ Artists 4 Peace/ Celebrations of Peace


Today is Monthly scheduled post number 5!  Artists 4 Peace Celebrations of Peace

We asked for art, photography, essays, poetry…anything at all that focuses on love, peace and joy in celebrations. …Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings.  Stay tuned all day (from midnight to midnight) for the results!!!

Thanks to all who submitted.  We hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season  🙂 



We will not be doing a monthly post in January but will resume in February.  So you have plenty of time to get your submissions 🙂


Artists 4 Peace  4 Animals: The Importance of Animals for Human Peace & Harmony

Submission Deadline February 1st
Selected Entries will be posted February 15th


Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to for consideration!



Thank you!


Gigi and Melanie



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