Wordle 195 (…in Paris)

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Events in Paris (7 January 2015)

The deeds in Paris generate numbness of brain and render our senses impaired. I have difficulty with words.

I condemn the perpetrators of the killings. As I condemn all those who stand behind them… whatever their faith, whatever their origins.

I ponder the motives that cause young people to channel their ennui into death as an end-game. Seemingly senseless destruction – murder plain, but never simple, and rarely single.

What compels them? What drives them?

Whose skilful indoctrination induces capitulation into falsely melded causes? What events – ‘see? see here… and there’ – make the mess of ideals stand tall and seeming real?

How can we – simple folks – get within that inky blackness, that smelly mire, to set straight the conflation?

Perhaps firstly we should list our own hypocrisies, end our own violence, and set straight our own confusion?

(Faced with atrocity, Tweets, texts, and Wordles, amplify – for me anyway – the difficulties of using a limited word-pallette to create a sense of meaning.)


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2 thoughts on “Wordle 195 (…in Paris)

  1. Who are they punishing? Killing? You can’t kill an idea, they are killing people and their families, for thinking, for drawing pictures. The thing is…they just make things worse because people step up to fill the shoes of those who have been murdered…more and more artists come forward and more and more will continue to do so. Excellent essay.


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