Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to tune in 2/15!


Tomorrow 2/15 is our Monthly scheduled post!

Artists 4 Peace  4 Animals: The Importance of Animals for Human Peace & Harmony 🙂

Thank you to all for your wonderful submissions.

Expect your readers to be full!  We will be posting every 30 minutes 🙂 starting at 7 AM EST till 8 PM!

Then on 2/16 we will have a special day of chicklet power!  Make sure to follow along as we see the amazing chicklets in their animal rescue efforts.

There is much to see and read and enjoy so with that in mind we will not be posting any other daily posts for a few days to give you a chance to enjoy them all.  Oh and feel free to reblog any of the posts 🙂



Don’t forget to send in your submissions for March.


How does one find peace in daily life?

Submission Deadline March 1st
Selected Entries will be posted March 15th

AND we will go ahead and announce the next topic so you can start thinking and preparing :).


How does language influence peace?

Submission Deadline April 1st
Selected Entries will be posted April 15th



Thank you!  And Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated!

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