A wonderful world.

Flowers abound,

a wilderness of different colors,

and all the textures,

and the sounds,

of the insects and birds,

as all go on with

their position in the universe:

It is only man

that does not fit into

the picture:

How many have

never walked or studied nature,

with all its inter-relatedness,

which we try so hard to destroy,

often without thought

or even realizing

what we are doing.

Everyday plants and animals

are going extinct in

their natural environment,

causing our earth to become

at greater risk of destruction.

We, for all our knowledge,

have learned how to waste,

how to destroy,

how to kill,

and spend huge

amounts of money

on armies, weapons, war

and the destruction

and confusion that

these bring on the people.

If we spent more on

helping each other,

education and the realignment

of the world, and a lot less on armies and defense,

how much of a better safer world we would have.

People could fit back into the natural world,

could learn to love, honor and understand each other,

and together with the birds, bees, beasts and plants

could create a wonderful world for all.


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One thought on “A wonderful world.

  1. Beautifully said. Sometimes it’s too late to lear from or mistakes. You mentioned education and I agree, I think that is key in teaching children to understand and love nature. Nature is not ours to do with as we wish, it is something we are privileged to experience.

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