Pets promote emotional connections

Ask anyone that has ever owned a pet and they will tell you their presence is an addition to, or an extension of, family. Studies have proven the emotional impact pets have on people and I can attest to that fact myself.

Our dog Thunder came to our home for two reasons mainly; the first, to bring security back to our family after our home was broken into while we slept, and secondly, to provide companionship for me as I spend a great deal of time alone due to my illness. (No sorrow please about that statement – grin).

Today with a heavy heart, I had to do what was best for my beloved dog and gift him a new home. You see, he’s very strong and energetic, and I am not at present. I wasn’t interested in selling him (I wouldn’t sell my children if they needed more than I could offer – family, yes, pets are family). I merely wanted to find someone to love him as much as my family does. My friend Kim took care of that and found a wonderful retired gentleman in need of companionship. I count that as a double blessing as Thunder will be able to bring to his life what he did to ours and especially mine.

perspectuve 011

Yes, no longer a pup and still growing.Yes, no longer a pup and still growing.

Pets inspire and motivate us in many ways. On days when my legs were screaming “no” to movement, Thunder still needed to get outside, so it pushed me to try a little harder. I got exercise I may have otherwise ignored. I also had purpose; he needed food, water, play time, and affection. Not to mention, he could read me like a book, very perceptive! The way Thunder managed my “bad” days astounded me, taking steps one-by-one instead of tearing down them in excitement. Now he’s just so strong it wouldn’t matter how gentle he tries to be, I still can’t manage. (That’s just reality, again no need to be sad – grin).

I wonder what the state of the world may be if everyone knew the devotion in loving pets and having them love you the same? They offer loyalty, protection, acceptance, affection, commitment, and the list is endless. Perhaps every politician should consult with a pet prior to decision-making because I am certain they would be influenced by all that a pet is. (Just a thought – grin).

All this being said, I couldn’t imagine life without a pet – therefore, meet our new family member, Andi. He’s just the perfect size and his demeanor is very tranquil, though he’s still fun (grin). A family fit to be sure!

Welcome Andi!Welcome Andi!

Today I thought about how pets relate to our skills with people. I loved Thunder enough to let him go. I thought of his needs over my own. Though I cried like a baby when he left, he reminded me of the capacity I have to love. Isn’t that a beautiful gift in spite of sorrow? I believe so. Add to that all the affection he incited and yes, once again, I am firm in my belief that pets can bring out the best in everyone.

I’m wiping tears and thinking how blessed he is to be loved so much by so many.

Thunder's new home and family. Wide open spaces. Thunder’s new home and family. Wide open spaces.


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One thought on “Pets promote emotional connections

  1. I love this Belinda. You said it all so perfectly. Your new wee one is beautiful and adorable. What a sweet face:) I know you must make a cute couple:) I hope you are so very, very happy together. Thunder shared you life and felt your love. You gave that to each other and no one can ask more. ❤


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