My cousin brought this towel for me (when she was in Ireland), because it had a seven on it (my lucky number).  She couldn’t find one with a black sheep but I do have a mug (somewhere) with a black sheep.   I don’t think sheep should have numbers on them.  Sheep should be loved and unnumbered.  Numbering beings is not a good thing, unless they are kindergarten kids on a school trip and the teachers are afraid they might lose one of them.  Other than that there is no excuse.

Sheep are beautiful beings and lambs are sweet and adorable.  They are not food but living beings who feel pain and terror.  They feel fear.  They feel love for each other.  They are only food because people told others that they were food.  If you had been taught  different story, if you grew up believing that sheep were not food, you would be horrified and shocked by the fact that people kill and eat these beautiful beings.  People who eat meat were taught that it’s okay to do so.  Their habits cause untold suffering and death, but they weren’t taught that part of it.

It’s like that with everything we believe.  We were only told part of the story.  We need to rethink the things we do.

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by hitandrun1964

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