Cricket… The Speak Out 1


“The sun had just gone down and the clouds were moving in.  Everything was dead still.  Brutus, the German Shepard we all know and love, was standing next to me.  Rene and Flower had gone on ahead and were in position to break into the Factory Farm.  The roosters and the hens were right behind them.  As soon as the clouds covered the moon, the strike team made it’s move.  Brutus took off running.  I couldn’t keep up because my legs are a lot shorter than his and chicklets are just slower than dogs, I guess.  Brutus was wearing the chicklet jacket that the hens made for the rescue dogs.  You know the ones, they are black with pockets to hold chicklets, on both side.  The ones that go across their backs and snap underneath and tie around their necks.  Those,” said Cricket, to the audience.

“Anyway, by the time I caught up, many of the tortured and damaged birds were already being lifted into the wagons and those who could walk and run were being led away by team leaders.  The chicklets were placed into carts and pockets.  Rene and Flower were bringing up the rear and watching for humans when huge lights went on and shots were fired.  Brutus, who was already running back to The Coop, turned and raced back to help Rene and Flower.  The chicklets in his jacket were having a bumpy ride but Brutus ran straight for the human, growling and snarling, he threw himself at the human and tore the gun from his hand.  Brutus bit the human and the human turned and ran away. Once Brutus was sure the human was not going to shoot at us anymore, he turned,  saw two tiny chicklets who were down, laying on their sides, in the grass.  He stopped,  picked them up with his mouth and ran straight to The Coop. Rene, Flower and I were right behind him. There were no team casualties, thanks to Brutus.

So this Speak Out goes to Brave Brutus.  He risked his life to save others.  He gently carried chicklets to safety, in his mouth. He carried fifteen others, in the pockets of his jacket.  Brutus is a hero and his name will be added to the Speak Out Board of Heroes.  We love you Brutus.  You make a difference.  You save lives and you are our Hero.”

There was much chirping and peeping at the end of Cricket’s speech.  Brutus became quite shy and tried to hide.  But everyone gathered around him and rubbed their beaks against him.  Everyone thanked him and then went back to helping the hens care for the new arrivals.

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by hitandrun1964

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