Flower, Betty and a few new chicklets


Some of the rescued chicklets are feeling better.  Flower and Betty took them to the pond to watch the Rubber Ducks.  Rene went on another raid with the Roosters last night and  freed more Battery Hens, two burros and a small goat.  Several cats followed them home and are asleep in the kitchen.  Party plans have been put on hold, until the work load decreases.  The new chicklets have never been out of cages before and while they are often terrified to be outside, they trust Flower, so they follow her and try to stay as close to her as possible.  Their chirps and soft peeps help them cope.  Flower chirps and peeps to them, in an effort to make them more comfortable.  Flower and Rene are having dinner tonight and they are going to talk to Henry about moving into the pig hut with the other piglets.  They have agreed that if he is against the idea he can stay with them as long as he likes.  Things are moving along nicely and some of the rescued guests are starting to look a bit better.

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by hitandrun1964

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