Flower, Rene & Henry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlower has a damaged leg and Rene has a badly sprained wing.  Both chicklets were seen by the medical hens, who patched them up and gave them each a huge slice of corn cake.  The other chicklets have begun to sign Flower’s cast.   Henry, the rescued piglet, stays close to Flower, whenever he can.  Flower and Rene don’t mind.  Henry is very intelligent and plans to write a book exposing Factory Farming, from a piglets point of view.

Flower and Rene are still a bit dusty but they are both happy and ready to help out with the new arrivals.  The Roosters and hens made another raid on the Factory Farm and brought more animals to The Coop, where they can be safe.

Flower and Rene decided to move into one of the guest houses together, so they can work on the plans for their next rescue.   Henry is going to stay with them for a while.   Henry is so happy that Flower and Rene are taking him in, he can’t stop grunting and squealing.  He will have a lovely soft bed of his own blanket, clean water and food.  He is still afraid but he is excited as well.  This is the first time he has ever been free.


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by hitandrun1964

2 thoughts on “Flower, Rene & Henry

    • It’s so difficult to get pictures on pages. They are all different sizes and formats are not made to accommodate them. Thank you so much Raewyn. I would love to do that for children. I’ll give it more thought. Melanie put them altogether, so it’s in story form, rather than a post a day:)


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