Speak Out 2


Marlene looked at the bunnies and choked up.  Her eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears and she peeped softly, while clearing her throat.

“Clover and Marcy,” she said, “have gone above and beyond what anyone could have asked from two soft bunnies.”  She peeped again and looked at the crowd in front of her.  “These two very dedicated sisters, stayed with the rescued chicklets for ten days, never leaving their sides.  Turning them and laying next to them to keep them warm, they remained in the nursery.  They made sure that the most needy, were under the heat lamps and that everyone was eating properly.  Carrots, lettuce and corn were brought to Clover and Marcy by their friends, but they refused to leave the damaged chicklets until they were taken off the ‘danger’ list.

The lives of chicklets were saved by these very brave and sweet bunnies.  So this SPEAK OUT is for them.”

Thunderous peeps and chirps went up from the audience and the bunnies were instantly surrounded by their grateful admirers.

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by hitandrun1964

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