The rescue…part 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Sage spent fifteen minutes telling Flower and Rene how dangerous leaving The Coop had been.  She told them they could have been hurt, killed or even captured.  She said that the entire Coop was worried about them.  She said that they are loved so very much and  that everyone was frantic, when they couldn’t find them.  She told them they were never to do anything like that again.

The chicklets listened politely and then Flower raised her wing.

“Yes?” said Sage.

“Shouldn’t we be more worried about the hens and chicklets who are being tortured? I love them, don’t you?  I’m worried about them, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I do love them and I am worried about them,” said Sage quickly.  “But you’re chicklets. The hens and roosters have to do those kinds of dangerous and difficult things.”

“But no one was doing those kinds of dangerous and difficult things,” said Flower flatly.  “How long should they have to wait to be rescued?  I want the suffering to stop.”

“We all do,” sighed Sage miserably.

“Well,” said Flower, “Rene and I are stopping it.”

“You are too young,” said Sage wearily, “You’re just wee chicklets.”

“It doesn’t matter who saves them,” said Rene boldly.  “Someone has to do it and Flower is right, we can’t let chickens and chicklets live in fear, while they are being tortured and killed, their eggs stolen.   We are going back for the pigs and piglets, as well.”

“Humans have no heart,” said Flower sadly.  “They don’t know how to love.  They believe that we are nothing, that we have no feelings, suffer no pain.  Humans don’t care, even about each other.  That’s why we have to save the others.”

“We are going for the pigs tonight,” said Rene, matter-of-factly.  “It’s the right thing to do.  After that, we will go to the next place and the place after that.  We won’t stop until all of the animals are free.”

Flower turned toward Rene.  She rubbed her beak lightly against his and whispered, “Rene, you are the bravest chicklet in the entire world.”

“I’m not, Flower. You are,” he said knowingly.

“You’re wrong,” she said, leaning against him.  “I was born a superhero.  You, my sweet Rene, had to find your superhero and bring him to life and that takes true courage.”

“We will save all of them,” said Rene confidently.  “We will go back as many times as we must, but we will save the pigs and piglets and the bunnies, lambs and goats as well.  We will save the horses and cows too.”

“We will, Rene,” said Flower. “I love you.”

“I know that, silly,” said Rene.  “I love you, as well.  I love you because you are brave.”  Rene looked down at his shoes for a moment and then added, “Your beautiful too, Flower.  Inside and out.”

“I’ll talk to the others,” said Sage softly, as she walked toward the door.  “You won’t have to go alone.”




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by hitandrun1964

3 thoughts on “The rescue…part 2

  1. I think they do but they are unwilling to trust any humans. They don’t feel that the humans who aren’t mean are doing anything to stop the humans who are evil and it’s difficult to tell the nice ones from the hateful ones, so they stay away from all of them. Without humans, life is peaceful, loving and filled with joy. No fear, no pain, no torture, or death.


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