Personal peace

We each find peace
in our own way

I find peace
by spending a
lot of time alone

More and more
the outside world
tries to intrude
on my peace of mind

Twenty-four hour
tragedy, misery, disease
hatefulness and violence
screams at all of us
day in and day out

It’s difficult to keep one’s equilibrium
when surrounded by all that cruelty
so I try not let it into my life

I don’t let nasty and negative people
poison my life either
no matter their relationship

Standing up for what I believe in
the right for women, children and animals to
live without fear
to live in peace
helps me be peaceful because I know
in my heart
that I’m not ignoring what has to be done
in order to bring peace to others

Creating gives me peace
and saved my life

Nature brings me peace

being surrounded by books
and art
brings me peace

Having fun
singing really loud
are all things
that bring peace into my life

I make sure that my surroundings
wrap me in a cocoon of peace
that my home is a place of comfort
and beauty
a place where I can think
and recharge

The people and animals
I love bring me joy
not necessarily peace

These are some of the things
that make my life peaceful
and worth living


by hitandrun1964



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