Community Artists4Peace

cropped-a4p_logo1_michelle21.jpgHelp get more people involved!  Send in your art, your children’s art, your grandchildren’s art for peace!  We want to see it all 🙂

Go a step further to engage community participation.  Ask schools (children of all ages) and senior centers  to make art for peace and send their art to us or take pictures of it and you can send it to us.  Either way make sure to included the artists name and any other details you want us to post 🙂


Just email to

We are looking forward to seeing what you send in!!


Gigi and Melanie

5 thoughts on “Community Artists4Peace

  1. Several months ago I was forced to stop blogging because the police took all of my electronics. My ex had hacked into all of my accounts. Well, I got myself a new laptop until the case is closed, and would like to resume blogging. There was a site that I submitted poetry to, based on the word of the month. I want to think this was the site. Do you accept poetry based on peace, or just pictures?



    • Hi Kate!
      I’m so sorry to hear that happened…wow. Glad you are back online and yes, you have submitted to us before 🙂 We have a monthly scheduled topic and we also ask questions or give challenges periodically that you can participate in. 🙂 Glad to see you back. I just posted an announcement on the next couple topics, check it out 🙂

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