kindness does matter

in ways big and small

it plants seeds of hope

that take root and grow


There have been strangers and friends who have impacted my life over the years with kindnesses.  I’d like to highlight a few of them here.

II.  9th grade English teacher

My life

had become unbearable

both at home and at school.

You will never know

how much it meant to me

that you sacrificed

your one free period

to provide me with refuge.

I’ll never forget our shared tears.

My teacher, my friend.

III. Middle School Librarian

Principal’s office/

kicked out of class for reading?!

You gave me more books 🙂

IV.  Mr. George

When I was a 14 year old runaway

in a state new to me

with no place, no money and no friends

you took a chance on me.

I wasn’t your problem.

You could have turned me in

but you saw the truth in my eyes;

that I couldn’t go back.

So for giving me a chance,

giving me a job (paying me under the table)

putting yourself at risk,

I thank you.



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