Splash of Color

splash of cokor

A small bud

Can add such a splash of color

To a garden

A kind word

Can add such a splash of color

To a life

Plant with your heart

Watch it blossom

Into a beautiful soul

Splash of Color

by See Original

(Photo credit: http://photopaulm.com)

Thank you Paul for lending me this beautiful photo!

3 thoughts on “Splash of Color

  1. I am unable to send you an email with the gmail address provided. It says email doesn’t exist. (?) I posted this poem and added a photograph but want you to look at the post before publication. Please take a look at it and let me know if I could post it that way or submit photographs from my Instagram for your consideration. ☀️ I love your blog, there is so much talent highlighted, nd I would love to be apart of it.
    Instagram- @KymberShafer


    • Kymber,

      Thank you and glad you like the blog!
      Looks like you figured out the email thing as I just responded to your email. 🙂
      Again, you can certainly reblog but we do ask that you not alter the content.
      I don’t have an instagram account but you can email in anything you’d like to share 🙂


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