June’s Monthly Posts from Artists4Peace -6/15: What does Peace look like to you?


Tomorrow 6/15 is our monthly scheduled post!  The topic for June was What does Peace look like to you?

We asked for you to show us or tell us what Peace looks like to you.  Stay tuned as we will be posting throughout the day to share your submissions 🙂


Posts will start at 8 AM EST!

Enjoy and feel free to reblog any of the posts 🙂



I forgot to post the topic for July!!!!!!!  I am so sorry!  So with that in mind we are announcing it now and extending the deadline 😉


Heroes for Peace

Who are your personal heroes? This can be someone famous or someone from everyday life.

Extended Submission Deadline July 12th
Selected Entries will be posted July 15th


Cartoons for Peace!

Submit your drawings, paintings, doodles…this should be fun!  Even if you are better with words than drawing play along.  Stick figures are welcome 😀

Submission Deadline August 1st
Selected Entries will be posted August 15th

Additional ongoing Challenges:

  • Haiku for Peace
  • Community Artists4Peace -see more info on this here!


Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to artists4peaceproject@gmail.com for consideration!



Gigi and Melanie


2 thoughts on “June’s Monthly Posts from Artists4Peace -6/15: What does Peace look like to you?

  1. […] Artists4peace has a really nice challenge for the month of July. It’s all about “Heroes For Peace” and who your personal heroes are. There are many names popping up in my mind. From Gorbachev, who for sure had a huge impact in opening up and stopping or at least officially slowing down the cold war, to Gandhi, Buddha or Mother Theresa. Each and everyone of them had their impact and yet nobody really succeeded in making this world entirely peaceful. […]


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