The brave women who were part of the Suffrage Movement were treated in cruel and terrible ways. Alice Paul was one of these incredible women. She dedicated her life to getting women the vote. At one point she (along with other women) was arrested and placed into a damp and filthy prison cell where, after going on a hunger strike, Miss Paul was strapped to a chair and force fed, day after day. She never wavered in her belief that women deserved the right to be heard. All of the women were abused and mistreated.

I am grateful to these wonderful women for their courage and unwavering dedication. All of the jailed women suffered, chained to the bars of their cells, denied their medication, forced to live in truly unhealthy conditions, because they wanted women to have the same right to vote as men. They are my Sheroes…but Alice Paul captured my attention and my heart. I hold her in the highest esteem. I hope that if she were alive today she would smile at me and be happy for the years of work I have put into the Woman’s Movement because of her. I never take my rights for granted because I know the terrible price my foremothers paid so that I could enjoy the things available to me because of each and everyone of them. I’m grateful. Sheroes, each and every one.

by hitandrun1964

4 thoughts on “SHERO

  1. A few years ago I fulfilled a wish to go to Seneca Falls NY — home of the first women’s rights convention. It was amazing to walk where all those brave pioneering women (and a few men) stood. I have never taken for granted my right to vote. Although sometimes when I look at the candidates to choose from I wish there was a “none of the above” box. I believe to have true peace we must treat each other as equals, so I vote and look forward to the day that every woman on this planet has the same right to peacefully and without fear of harm — express her views of who should lead her community/country.


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