For Larry/My hero


White Knights ride around on big steeds
who have flowing manes
and long silky tails

White Knights rescue people
it’s their job
and they’re good at it, like firemen

White Knights wear ornate silver armor
unless it’s too warm
then they just wear jeans and t-shirts

White Knights are kind
generous and dedicated
loving and beautiful

I had a White Knight
he’s gone now
and my world will never be the same


by hitandrun1964



8 thoughts on “WHITE KNIGHTS

  1. I love This White Knight, though I never met him face to face I feel like I have because he’s still here in all you share Bling! I love this White Knight hero he loves my sweet Bling! ❤️


  2. I find that true love is indestructible. Your white knight still lives there — in the place where only love exists. He sounds like a very noble and special hero indeed.


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