Fast 5 ~ Books (Recommendations as of 9/10)

In addition to the Monthly scheduled topics we will periodically post questions to get us all thinking 🙂 Just leave your answers in the comments below or email them in to I will compile the results and post 🙂


Tell us 5 books that promote peace!  (No religious texts please)

Books Recommended so far!!!!

From Carol Balawyder:

The obvious, I suppose, is Tolstoy’s War and Peace. After reading this stellar review of the novel, I’m going to read it again.

From Gigi:

TAO TE CHING, by Stephen Mitchell. My favorite book. In my opinion, this is the best translation. None of the others I’ve read can compare.

THE ANTI-WAR QUOTE BOOK, edited by Eric Groves, Sr.


*A huge Thank You to Michelle Marie for designing the Artists 4 Peace Fast 5 logo.  You can see much more of her fabulous work on her blog Tell Me About It


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