but they love each other- a series of haiku

she is wearing a

turtleneck in the summer

to hide fresh bruises

fingerprint necklace

one of many abuses

that she covers up

she can’t tell her friends

not that she has many left

he made sure of that

she doesn’t know why

she keeps making him so mad

she must do better

if he is so bad

why doesn’t she leave, you ask

you don’t understand

he loves her so much

he feels terrible after

says it’s the last time

and she loves him too

so she lives this way

in spite of herself

Melanie Thomason

3 thoughts on “but they love each other- a series of haiku

  1. Sigh. We need to tell girls not to fall into these traps. Educate them young so they don’t mistake violence and brutality for love. Should begin early…taught in school. Maybe if boys were taught IN SCHOOL that they had no right to beat girls and girls should NEVER allow themselves to be beaten, things would change, even for a few.


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