Why doesn’t she LEAVE?!

Why doesn’t she LEAVE?!

she is afraid

of him

of being without him

of what he might do to himself

that he might find her (he has promised to hunt her down)

of what he might do to her (he has promised to kill her if she left)

she is afraid

that she can’t do any better

that no one else will love her

that she can’t make it on her own

that she can’t provide for her kids

that this is what she deserves

and anyway you don’t understand…

he isn’t always like this

he doesn’t mean to hurt her

he is a good provider

he is a good father…he hasn’t hit the kids (yet)

he loves her

and anyway you don’t understand…

she doesn’t know anything else

this is just how it is

it has always been like this

she grew up watching her mom live this way

it’s in her DNA to stay


9 thoughts on “Why doesn’t she LEAVE?!

  1. We have to stop girls from thinking violence and abuse can ever have anything to do with love. They need to be told over and over and over again. No second chances for males…ever. But it has to start EARLY. Even if a few are saved, it’s worth it.

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  2. Perfect words, Melanie. I have never been in this situation but I’ve watched friends suffer. I remember one of them, years ago, coming out with the classic ‘I fell over and banged my head’. I’m glad to say she managed to get out from under.

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