Important Announcement


Dear Artist4Peace members, contributors and followers:

We (Melanie & Gigi), have been wondering if there is enough interest in the Artists4Peace blog to keep it going. We really appreciate those of you who do participate and contribute your work.  We have shared some really wonderful and powerful messages here.

AND, the fact of the matter is, the number of submissions for the monthly topics and in general continue to drop and the number of people reading the posts are dwindling as well.

We’ve discussed shutting it down BUT really hope that there is a renewed interest and that you all will contribute and help spread the word i.e., encourage others you come across to get involved.

For now we are discontinuing the monthly topics (we can always revisit this in the future if you all want them).  We will still be accepting general submissions as long as they promote peace in some way.

Send in any Peace related art (art, poetry, essays, music, etc) at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to for consideration!


Gigi and Melanie


21 thoughts on “Important Announcement

  1. For my answer, I give a quote from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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  2. I will try to frequent here more often and continue to spread the word. Working on a post as well !
    I would love to collaborate with someone using photography and poetry…either way would work for me. Just a thought to try something new. Maybe we could start a chain reaction of peaceful collaborations.

    Keep it going, Melanie and Gigi! You have done an amazing job with this blog. 🙂


  3. Sorry to hear about the dwindling numbers. You did a great job getting this site going: organising artists is a bit like herding cats, I think! It would be a terrible shame if it were to disappear. My own blog has been very quiet lately but as soon as I have something suitable I will submit it to you. Many thanks for all your hard work so far.


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