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With countries taking polarized stances and tension escalating around the world I don’t think that any news outlet can be trusted to provide the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Now you might think that this is self-evident but have you done anything about it?  I would suggest reading news from more than one country to get some sort of balance.  It’s not particularly easy, given the language barriers, but there are quite a few news outlets that have output that is not in their native language. I’m thinking in particular of the Russian RT News outlet which I have found to be a great balance against Western media.  They often give prominent attention to events that the Western media have tried to downplay or ignore.  They also, obviously, have quite a different perspective on events in Syria, and so on.

If we don’t allow our media to stir us up into hatred then we are closer to finding solutions to world peace.  What do you think?  Do you have any links to non-western news outlets that you can share in the Comments section?


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5 thoughts on “On My Soapbox

  1. Truthfully, I believe all news is biased and propaganda. I don’t listen to any of it. People OWN the news and those owners of the news tell us what they want us to know and believe. They all lie and omit whatever they like.


    • I agree, they all lie. If you can find the overlap though, I believe you can get a glimpse of the truth. The first step is to not to swallow the lies whole, as some people still do. The media rely on the people’s trust. We have to remove that trust until it is earned.


        • People believe because they are being cleverly manipulated. Anyone who doubts or speaks up is called things like “unpatriotic” or a “conspiracy theorist” or just a “nut” or that kind of thing. Most people are too busy with life’s distractions to push against that kind of pressure.


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