Why is this impossible to understand?


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We are on a rock flying and speeding around the sun in a never-ending universe, UNABLE TO ESCAPE.  And yet, we hate and kill each other.  Um, does this seem stupid to anyone else?  Religion is one of the biggest triggers in the world, for hatred, division and misunderstanding.

I think if we believed in each other, rather than a made up construct who is supposed to solve all the problems, he, she or it, started to begin with, by dividing us, we would have a chance at being peaceful.  Hey, I’m just saying…  People are praying constantly and??? look at us.  Are they doing it wrong?  Not often enough?  Praying to the wrong entity?  Are gods fighting among themselves?  Do any of the gods take sides? Why would they?  When god picks the other side is it because he said, “no” to some people and “yes,” to others?  Why? Or does god have reasons we are not privy to and never will be?  Or, as people ALWAYS SAY, “well it wasn’t supposed to be”.  People need to stop praying and take action to make the world a better place.  Don’t we tell our kids, “Hey, you made the mess, go clean it up?”  We made this mess and I think silly to think anyone else should try to straighten it out.

Sayings like the above are pretty and even true but a lot of people DON’T believe we are in this together, they hate other people and want them dead.  They prove this on a pretty regular basis.   I don’t care what god anyone believes in, but as long as gods exist there will be hatred and “Mine is better than yours,” kind of garbage.

Imagine a world without gods, like John Lennon asked us to do…he knew what was going on and asked us to let go of the things that were holding us back, that’s IMAGINE is all about, getting rid of the things that do divide us and cause division and hatred.  But, no one seems willing to take the risk, to let go of the fear that there isn’t anyone to take care of them but themselves.  And there in lies the rub.  Fear.  So, while in reality we are actually all in this together, it doesn’t really matter because too few care about others.  Locked into boxes of beliefs and old hatreds we keep on keeping on.  Doing what hasn’t worked for years and years…telling lies and blaming others, praying and crying over dead kids while a bunch of people pray that things will change.  Like I said, how can this make any sense?

You know, there’s a reason religion is a TABOO subject.  Because PEOPLE START FIGHTING WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT IT.  Don’t you think there’s something WRONG with that?  Friends, family member all start fighting and some even stop talking to each other forever.  How can ideas about a god be more important that the family members in front of someone?  So, when people tell me religion is about love, I don’t believe them.  It’s a subject so delicate and horrifyingly fragile that we aren’t allowed TO EVEN TALK ABOUT IT, unless we just agree with everything that’s being said.  THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!   Then ask why we have wars based on religion.  I’m talking about it because it’s a huge problem in the world and we refuse to LOOK AT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

John Lennon is right, “…and no religion too.”

Peace out!

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