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I asked the chicklets if they would help me with this months Artists4Peace and they said, “Sure, it sounds like an interesting thing to do. So they got to work.







Arnold said that mean, violent and hurtful words break hearts and make everyone feel sad and blue, even Checkers the dog. Arlene said that kind and loving words make everyone feel happy and sunny. They agreed that words matter and that they should be used to be nice to others and bring peace to all living beings. They don’t use hurtful words at The Coop because they believe in love and joy.


by hitandrun1964

Language of Humanity

“India was born, as a free nation, on the 15th August 1947. It was born amidst riots, murder, screams of new found hate. The open wound that was created by the gash of the new boundary between India and Pakistan has not yet healed.
The political language between the leaders of the two nations speaks of differences, of terror, or suspicion.
Yet, when people of the two nations meet outside their respective countries, the language that they use speaks of a common heritage. It speaks of shared history, shared traditions and shared blood.
A friend of mine in Pakistan sent a person to the hometown of my father, to film it as it stands today. He did this out of a sense of brotherhood. When his friend was dying of cancer, he reached out to me, to see if we could get a medical opinion, and possible treatment in India.
We spoke the language of humanity, of a human bond that cut through the language of separation. We spoke the language of respect for each other, and we reached out to each other.
The language we speak, the words we use can heal, repair, join. Or, they can break, wound or kill.
Peace is in our hands, and in the language we use with each other. When we speak, we need to speak with mindfulness, with peace in our hearts, with the recognition of our shared humanity.
Then indeed, will the language we use speak the words of peace.”



Rajiv Chopra



“Counterfeit truths fade
Enlightened souls ascending
Seeking life essence

Changing winds sojourn
Fated death of arrogance
Disharmony yields

Duality guise
Self-centeredness exposé
Seeking guiltless calm

Inner child adapts
Mastering causality
Child knows no limits

Relentless pursuit
Ferocity stays the path
The Peace Warrior


The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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Artists 4 Peace  How does language influence peace?

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