Did but didn’t have to

She didn’t have to make his morning coffee

She doesn’t even drink coffee

But she did

He didn’t have to warm her car

Subjecting himself to the cold

But he did

He didn’t have to give up his bus seat

To a stranger

But he did

She didn’t have to offer a comforting embrace

To a mere acquaintance

But she did

He didn’t have to face that bully

To protect his classmate

But he did

She didn’t have to speak to that new student

Taking her under her wing in friendship

But she did

Did but didn’t have to

It is these choices

Which reflect your soul

And you are beautiful


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by busymindthinking



kindness does matter

in ways big and small

it plants seeds of hope

that take root and grow


There have been strangers and friends who have impacted my life over the years with kindnesses.  I’d like to highlight a few of them here.

II.  9th grade English teacher

My life

had become unbearable

both at home and at school.

You will never know

how much it meant to me

that you sacrificed

your one free period

to provide me with refuge.

I’ll never forget our shared tears.

My teacher, my friend.

III. Middle School Librarian

Principal’s office/

kicked out of class for reading?!

You gave me more books 🙂

IV.  Mr. George

When I was a 14 year old runaway

in a state new to me

with no place, no money and no friends

you took a chance on me.

I wasn’t your problem.

You could have turned me in

but you saw the truth in my eyes;

that I couldn’t go back.

So for giving me a chance,

giving me a job (paying me under the table)

putting yourself at risk,

I thank you.



What’s in your heart and what will you do with it?

A class of grade four students were invited to work on a project.
Each child had been given a heart made of wood to fill.
The heart had a removable lid so notes could be enclosed.
They were invited to include memories, thoughts, and emotions.
The decision of what to do with the box at the end – their choice.

Parents were invited to attend the big reveal.
Each student read their entries aloud to everyone.
The teacher was impressed with the variety.
Some children presented their box to a parent.
Other children decided to keep it for themselves.

Only one student remained.
As he read his entries everyone gasped.
His parents stared in shock.
The teacher was uncertain how to respond.
His entries were unlike any others.

A single word on each note.
Hate. Prejudice. War. Bullying.
There were dozens stuffed inside the box.
The teacher almost feared asking what he chose to do with it.
The room was deafening silent when he spoke.

I’d like to destroy this heart.
And all the awful things inside it.
If we can just get rid of it, we can make more hearts.
We won’t need lids though, cause they’ll be too full with love.
Anybody wanna help me?

It was a day of celebration.
Everyone wanted to be involved.
Parents and teachers were deep in thought.
A child had shown them such a different perspective.
On this occasion – everyone wanted to break a heart.



It’s always fun to play around with perception.
Smiles, hugs and blessings everyone.

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by busymindthinking


It was Christmas time
I was shopping with my kids
aged two and a half and six months
the Chicago weather was brutal
ice, wind, freezing temperatures and snow
the parking lot was packed
I got us into the car
packages included
and turned the key
nothing happened
I tried again
nothing happened
my battery was dead
I pulled the kids out of the car
so I could run back into the store
and make a phone call
when an older gentleman
standing by the bumper of the car
parked nose to nose with mine said,
“Dead battery, ” I laughed. “And I just spent all my money on gifts.”
When I got back to my car
a tow truck was waiting for me
he said he was there to jump my battery
I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t call you. I can’t pay you.”
He said, “It’s already paid for. The man who called me paid the bill. He said
to tell you Merry Christmas and that he would want someone to help
his daughter if she needed it.”
That was so many, many years ago
but I’ll never forget that unexpected kindness and gift of love
I never got to thank him in person
but I think of him often
I tell others about him
I send him love all the time
I can still see him
he wasn’t much taller than I was
he was wearing a long light colored overcoat
and a real hat from the 40s
I think he was holding gloves
he was very calm
the weather didn’t seem to bother him
but I guess all of that is normal
for an angel wearing a human suit


From two 5 gallon bucket size bushes, grows this sea of roses! Sharing

SeaofRoses (1 of 1)

From two 5 gallon bucket size bushes, grows this sea of roses! This home was new construction so when I moved here there was no grass and certain no flower beds. A sweet neighbor I think felt sorry for me starting from nothing and she gave me two 5 gallon size, knock out roses. It’s been 7 years and they have grown to the top of Alex’s window! I prune them and they come back twice as big each year! Alex threatens to pull them out with her jeep because they scratch on her window at night! 😀 She’s kidding of course! 😀


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by MichelleMarie

The Power Of A Hug

I just had one of those wow moments while reading a post from Silver Lining Mama. That “aha” moment. How many issues might be fixed by just simply asking that one question. Five little words. And my minds starts wandering and I start wondering, if it could be that simple…

Do you need a hug? Or: Do you want a hug?

It works wonder with the kids, as Jan points out in her post. So I wonder. I wonder if it would work between adults too.

We live in such a hectic and busy world. People are stressed out and worried. Now imagine you walk up to them and simply as “do you need a hug?” I bet most of them actually need a hug. And I bet most of them would feel so much better after the hug.

And then my mind starts playing with the idea of solving conflicts… Imagine if those leaders instead of arguing would suddenly stop, breathe, think and then ask, if the other one needs a hug. I know, I know… I’m shaking my head slightly here too, don’t worry. But still… Imagine, suddenly conflicts would be solved by something as simply as a hug.

No more weapons, no more fights, no more wars… no more scared people, no more injured or killed civilians, no more children crying over the loss of their parents or parents over the loss of their children.

Bar fights? Ask, if the other one needs a hug instead of hitting each other with beer bottles or punching the other one in the face. I know, I know… that would probably trigger that punch… but still. Imagine it would work! No more victims of one hit punches. No more bottles over heads, no more broken noses or worse. Solved by a hug.

I know it sounds like a pipe-dream. But why not. In most cases we can probably not solve the situation with a simple hug. Maybe we could but I guess nobody would admit that a hug would be the only thing they really crave. On the other hand there are so many situation where a simple hug could make a huge difference. On the small scale. In your family, with your friends and maybe even with your co-workers.

Maybe sometimes it would be the better solution to simply stop, breathe and ask “do you need a hug” instead of start an argument. So next time when you feel that you steam up, stop and breathe and then either ask if your opponent would like to get a hug or even go one step further and admit, that you would love to be hugged.



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