Peace like this


by MichelleMarie

in peace


The bird stood on the sidewalk
red feet bright in the sun
feathers fluffed
to ward off the cold
thinking of winter
of the lack of food
and warmth
but he was happy
in spite of what was coming
because he was free
no cage held him
he would live or die
on his own
in peace


This post is a collaboration:

lovely picture by Paul Militaru

and wonderful poem by Gigi 

Artists4Peace for October – Stop Domestic Violence


by Heartafire

I like to sit in her lap 

her warm fingers in my fur.

Sometimes I tease her and pull away and lick myself

and pretend  I’m too busy.

When the master comes home he too likes to  play.

His rough paws toss me into the flower bed.

I feel my bones may break but she pleas to him

“come here”  while  I hide in the garden

chasing lizards and winged things.

I can see her kneel down and he yanks her hair and

slaps the dewdrops streaming from her eyes.

I don’t understand the games my people play.

When it’s done he washes his rusty nailbeds

and says he’s sorry, he had a bad day.

Photo by Heart


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